Herbal Extracts

Kanna e-liquid 5ml

Kanna e-liquid 5ml

Be prepared for something new. Check out our latest offering Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) e-liqu..


Kanna Extract 10X 1g

Kanna Extract 10X 1g

Our store offers Kanna Extract 10X, a potent and pure extract derived from Sceletium Tortuosum. ..


Kratom Bali Extract 15x 3g

Kratom Bali Extract 15x 3g

The Kratom Bali Extract 15x 3G is one of the fastest selling legal highs at Express Highs. If..


Salvia 10x Extract 1g

Salvia 10x Extract 1g

The Salvia Divinorum 10x Extract is one of the latest legal highs offerings in our store. It i..


Salvia 5x Extract 1g

Salvia 5x Extract 1g

The Salvia Divinorum 5x Extract is a high-quality product made with only potent and pure plant m..


Salvia Divinorum 30x Extract 0.5g

Salvia Divinorum 30x Extract 0.5g

The Salvia Divinorum 30x Extract legal highs (0.5 GRAMS) is 30x more potent than the dried leav..


Salvia Divinorum 40X Extract 0.5g

Salvia Divinorum 40X Extract 0.5g

The Salvia Divinorum 40X Extract is 40 times more potent than the dried leaves of the plant! Wh..


Salvia Extract 20X 1g

Salvia Extract 20X 1g

Enter a deep level of trance, explore another side and be in a different world where only great ..


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Liquid herbal extracts are great choices for healing because of their high concentration and easy assimilation of their main active ingredients. They are very easy and convenient to use, so dosing is also not a problem. If you’re looking for quality legal highs, such as herbal extracts that also include ethnobotanicals, you don’t have to look further but choose Express Highs!

Herbal Extracts Benefits

A tincture or an extract of an herb is a combination of water and alcohol. The herb is captured in this method when it is in its strongest in terms of medicinal state whether it’s freshly dried or fresh. With alcohol, the tincture can preserve its potent condition endlessly.

When it is in its liquid form, the herbal extracts most active ingredients can be absorbed by the bloodstream almost instantly and then is assimilated by the body for the quick results. Unlike herbal capsules, extracts do not need to be first broken down before it’s assimilated.

Also, the extracts are able to maintain the smell and taste of the herb. It is essential in terms of the medicinal action. For example, the bitter taste is maintained. When it happens, your digestive function will be stimulated.

How do you store extracts?

Don’t refrigerate herbal extracts or ethnobotanicals. Keep it in a dry and cool place. If stored this way, the product can stay fresh for up to seven years.

Do you want to remove alcohol from the extract?

While the alcohol present in 30 drops of the herbal extract is only a very miniscule amount, some users want to avoid the alcohol content. To do it, add the extract to one cup of boiling herbal tea or water, and then let it sit for up to 10 minutes without cover so that up to 60% of the alcohol will evaporate.

What are the benefits of herbal extracts legal highs?

  • Natural

  • Have a longer shelf life

  • Absorbed easily

  • Offers higher concentration of the herbs

  • Have the original taste and aroma of the herb

  • Can provide faster benefits

  • Convenient to use

Why Buy from Express Highs

Our company has been around for years, supplying only the finest and purest legal highs on the market. Our customers from around the world are choosing us for reasons including the following,

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