How Uruguay Is Making Legal Highs Work

For 40 years, Uruguay has made research chemicals and legal highs. It is a popular social experiment that has been going on in the country since 1974. And they’re not legalizing just about any drugs, but all kind of them.

More about the legality of drugs in Uruguay

The law, which is the Decree Law 14294, is allowing people to possess a minimum amount of illicit drugs or substances, and that can prevent them from going to jail.

It must be intended only for their personal use. In that case, the locals, then, should not make or sell drugs. Instead, they can just inject or snort as they please at the minimum quantity stated by the law.

Many countries in the world might want to look into how this country has liberalized their drug policies, and that is on a national level versus the state-by-state initiatives through voting, such as in the United States.

In the past years, the South American country has had problems in creating a framework on how they can control cannabis, and if it would be successful, the country could succeed and make it easier for the people to buy cannabis.

However, the country must be able to work out the kinks in the laws before it can actually call its efforts successful to become a role model for the rest of the countries in the world that also have their drug problems.

Based on a Brookings Institution report, the researchers concede that the country’s legal frameworks for drug use do not come without faults.

In fact, they think that the policy is leaving an open door for discussion and interpretation. While it lets people be caught with a small quantity, it fails at laying out the substance’s threshold amounts.

What the judges do is to decide merely on individual basis. Such may lead to discrepancies in the final judgment.

In addition, it might be hard to tell if the person caught with it is really possessing just for personal use, as the law is demanding. More so, while it is legal to possess and use drugs, as stated in the law, it is not possible or allowed to buy drugs legally in the country.

According to some experts, the legislation might be intended regarding those drugs with high abuse potentials as well as those without accepted medical use, such as ‘pasta base,’ which is highly addictive and has been ravaging the South American country for many years.

However, users are turning to the black market or buying weed from another country Paraguay in order obtain drugs with proven medical benefits - cannabis. Sometimes, they also buy it from the dealers who themselves have been peddling pasta base.

For many years, the Uruguay government has been punishing the planting/cultivation and sale of cannabis. But then, the country has again made a mark to legalize the drug in the year 2013, being the first country to do so.

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