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CBD e-liquid 10ml

CBD e-liquid 10ml

Please note: This product only contains CBD and does not produce any effects. If you are looking f..


CBD Oil 3.0%

CBD Oil 3.0%

Please note: This product only contains CBD and does not produce any effects. If you are looking..


Royal Queen Seeds CBD Oil 4% 10ml

Royal Queen Seeds CBD Oil 4% 10ml

Please note: This product only contains CBD and does not produce any effects. If you are looki..


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Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not psychotropic. That said CBD does not cause euphoria or intoxication. Please note that in this category of our website you will not find any products that have any effect, they are only non-psychoactive CBD products, if you are looking for products such as herbal incense, legal highs, bath salts or party pills please browse through corresponding categories of our store.

Welcome to the CBD page of Express Highs! On this part of our website, you will find all sorts of CBD products, including e-liquids, oils, solids and crystals, to name some. Express Highs carry and sell only the finest lines of CBD-rich hemp products so that your endocannabinoid system can absorb their health and healing properties optimally.

It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world for CBDs health benefits. One of the most known products from it is CBD oil. This product is extract from the hemp plant. It can also be used in the manufacture of other homeopathic solutions and supplements. CBD is not psychoactive and is legal especially when derived from hemp.

Here, you will find the best products on the market for your health and well-being. For one, CBD can make you feeling healthy and happy with a great sense of well-being.

How does CBD work?

It works by stimulating the endocannabinoid system of the body. This is the same system that control homeostasis. The system is one of the most significant discoveries for hemp, cannabis and CBD that is stimulated by cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system is also the one responsible for keeping our energy, mood, memory, pain and appetite along with other essential bodily functions.

Health Benefits of CBD

With the improving positive public image of cannabis follows the increasing following of cannabidiol, the scientific term for CBD. Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring chemical compound from the hemp plant. It is one of the compounds found in the herb. As a group, these compounds are called cannabinoids.

In the recent years, research and studies have been done about CBD. And in the last decade or more, scientists and researchers have also discovered the plenty of ailments that CBD can help with, and these include anxiety disorders, pain, cancer, depression, drug withdrawals, epilepsy, heart health, inflammation and fibromyalgia, to name some.

The medical benefits of cannabidiol are continuing to grow through the years. CBD is one of the major components of the plant, but it is non-psychoactive. Instead, a few properties of the cannabinoid include antioxidant, anxiolytic, and anticonvulsant, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic agent. It can be a potential medicine for the treatment of various ailments that also include oxidative injury, nausea, vomiting, schizophrenia and epilepsy.

Our Products

CBD Edibles and Oil

CBD edibles are foods that are containing cannabidiol. Some examples include cookies, candies and brownies. CBD oil is oil derived from the herb called “hemp” which is grown for little to no amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

CBD Capsules

These are soft gel capsules that have been developed and made for a convenient and precise way of consuming cannabidiol. It is derived from hemp and is extracted using the most recent technologies. These products provide you with the health benefits of hemp or cannabis without the high.

CBD Coffee

This coffee won’t get you high, but it will make you feel relaxed and free from anxiety.

CBD Gummies

These gummies and candies are some of the legal and best ways of consuming CBD.


This tea is infused with cannabidiol. It can help you feel relaxed and worry-free.

CBD Tinctures

These products are some of the most well known hemp oil supplements around the world. Using a pump bottle or a dropper, tinctures are very easy to consume.

CBD Topicals

Topicals are great CBD products to use when dealing with aches, pains and muscle stiffness. Athletes, workout enthusiasts and bodybuilders have long discovered the benefits of CBD topical in dealing with their everyday muscle inflammation, pain and aches.

  • Athlete recovery

  • Joint & muscle care

  • Salves

  • Skin care

  • Lotion

CBD Vapor & Concentrates

Cannabidiol is also best consumed in its liquid form especially with the emergence of using vape pens and e-cigarettes. Liquids are heated using a vaporizer, vape pen and e-cigarette. If you’re looking for an alternative and convenient way of consuming CBD, then you might want to check out our CBD vapor products.

CBD concentrates are extracted from the herb and then filtered to their highest concentrations - and so the name of these products. Concentrates provide users with powerful and quick effects. These products can be consumed using a vape pen, added to drinks and food or dabbed from a dab rig.

  • Vaporizers

  • Vape fluid & cartridges

  • Concentrates

  • Flower