Affiliate Information

Herbal Incense Affiliate Program From Express Highs

Express Highs have launched its affiliate program for people who want to join and receive 15% commission on every sale made via affiliate tracking link.

After signing up as an affiliate and receiving your unique affiliate tracking link in your account at Express Highs all you have to do is put your link with tracking code on your website, Facebook, YouTube channel, blog, newsletter or even share the link with your friends and start earning 15% commission of all sales made through your unique link.

Once a customer registers at Express Highs through your unique tracking link he or she then becomes your referral forever, so all orders placed by this customer will earn you 15% commission, which will be credited to your affiliate account at Express Highs automatically after each sale and you will be notified by e-mail once a sale has been made.

When the minimum payout amount of 10 GBP/ USD / EUR is reached in your affiliate account, you may request a pay out by bank transfer in your affiliate account. No bank fees will be applicable to you, as we pay all the fees associated with the bank transfer.

If, for some reason, you do not want to wait until you have 10 GBP/ USD / EUR in your account - you can always get store credit for the amount you have in your affiliate earnings by contacting us.

There are no exceptions on who can become an affiliate at Express Highs - everyone is welcome!

How to become an Affiliate:

1. Register as an affiliate at Express Highs:

2. Your affiliate account will be approved by our store manager within 6 hours.

3. You will then be able to log in to your affiliate account here:

4. To view your unique tracking link(Which you can share on Facebook, blogs, YouTube, websites etc.) click “Affiliate Tracking”

Tracking code: Your unique affiliate code.

Tracking link generator: Start typing the name of the product you want to get the link to.

Tracking link: Your tracking link for a specific product on our store will be visible here.

Homepage tracking link: This is your unique tracking link for homepage of Express Highs - copy it and share it to get commission.

5. Once a sale has been made either through your tracking link or homepage tracking link - you will receive an automatic e-mail stating how much commission has been credited into your account, which you can then check by clicking "Transactions" in your affiliate account.

6. Once you have reached a minimum payout amount of 10 GBP / USD / EUR, option to request payout by bank transfer will be available in your affiliate account.

If you do not wish to wait until you reach a minimum commission on 10 GBP / 10 EUR / 10 USD - please contact us and we can turn your commission into store credit.